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Guangdong Province (440000)

Provincial Capital

Guangzhou City

Provincial Pop (1997)

70.51 million

GDP (yuan, 1997)

730.82 billion

Guangdong Province (440000) adjoining Hong Kong, the former British colony and now Special Administration Region of the PRC, has experienced very rapid economic development since the early 1980s, transforming the structure of production and livelihoods.

Many of these changes have arisen from the outward movement of manufacturing from Hong Kong as real wages rose rapidly in the territory, such that the province is now part of a vertically integrated manufacturing network with the headquarters operations in Hong Kong and the assemby operation in the counties of Guandong. The results have been impressive.

Per capita income of provincial residents has risen from below the national average to well above the national average, and its urban population is among the wealthiest. The value of industrial production has overtaken that of the advanced northern provinces such as Jiangsu and Shangdong. And the Guangdong accounts for the lion's share of China's foreign trade, reflecting the importance of the export-process type industrial activity associated with Hong Kong and Taiwan foriegn direct investment in the province.

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