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These pages last updated 10 May 2004

New Data Sets , Emerging Developments:


News Items:

ACASIAN Cooperation with the China Data Center, University of Michigan
In mid-year 2003 the CDC began distributing CD-ROMs containing PR China 2000 census variables at both county-level and township-level. They have recently announced the release of a huge number of additional variables, many at township_level (xiang, zhen, and jiedao). Under an agreement with the CDC, ACASIAN can supply high-resolution administrative boundary (polygon and regions) spatial data coded to match the county-level variables. ACASIAN can also supply approximately 46,000 points for all of the township-level and higher administrative centers (shi, qu, and xian) that match the CDC township data. For those who provide proof of purchase of data from the CDC, ACASIAN can join their statistical data to our spatial data. This means that the CDC 2000 census spatial data can now be geo-referenced and analysed in all major GIS environments in known projections. Contact the Director for additional information.

The CHGIS Project Obtains Additional Funding
The China Historical GIS Project, Harvard-Yenching Institute, with which ACASIAN is associated, was originally funded by the Henry Luce Foundation for 2001-2004. It has recently obtained additional funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue historical research on China's administrative system at Fudan University, Shanghai.

The Australian Consortium for The Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network (ACASIAN)
At the end of 2003, as part of an on-going reorganisation of Griffith University's Research Centres, the Australian Consortium for the Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network (ACASIAN) resumed the role of the Australian Centre of the Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network. The latter had temporarily during 2002 and 2003 been organised as the Asia Pacific Spatial Data Project as part of the Griffith Asia Pacific Research Institute (GAPRI). A/Prof. Lawrence W. Crissman continues his old role as Director of ACASIAN, which continues to create and distribute, for academic and commercial purposes, Geographical Information Systems datasets for Asia, China in particular, as well as the former Soviet Union`.

Changes to LUMC Copyright
Negotiations were successfully concluded with the Institute of Geography and the Science Press, Chinese Academy of Sciences, that resulted in the signing of a VARIATION OF AGREEMENT that allows the Land Use Map of China Spatial Data Bases to be used for cooperative research with collaborators outside of Australia and China and allows their use for commercial and government purposes anywhere in the world.

New Data Sets

Point Locations for PR China Urban Postcode Zones
ACASIAN has datasets for various collections of points coded with their postcodes, including all cities, county seats, and urban district centers (approximately 3,000 points), plus all 10,000 or so larger towns (zhen) included in the 1990 census volumes. Work is underway to code the additional 35,000 or so township level points (xiang, zhen, and jiedao) included in the township-level 2000 census data available from the China Data Center, University of Michigan. (See 'PR China 2000 Census Township Points', below.) In order to have a point dataset that will include all of the postcodes contained in the latest (1997) edition of the Atlas of Cinese Postal Codes, center points will be created for all urban postcode zones in that publication, estimated to be around 1000. This dataset, to be available soon, will be licenced for single-users at US$1,000.

China Expressways Dataset
A major update of the China Road Transport data has created a new dataset containing all four-lane (or more) divided expressways in PR China and the Taiwan Region. All of the National Main Routes in PR China are included and identified, and when possible the names of expressways are included in pinyin and hanzi. For each province, eight sources of information were used to code each expressway section in terms of whether it was shown as completed, under construction, or proposed. As the sources rarely agreed completely, a judgement was made about the status of each expressway segment as of late 2003, the latest date of any of the sources employed. Nodes along the arcs have been created for all indicated interchanges, service centers, and toll gates, and where possible are identified with pinyin and hanzi names. The expressways that were included in the China Road Transport dataset have been removed, and the National Highway data have been improved and will be coded with route numbers in the near future. A single-user licence for the new China Expressways dataset is US$2,000.

Major 2002 Up-Date to China Administrative Dataset
The ACASIAN administrative dataset for China is up-dated on a yearly basis whenever a new edition of the 'Administrative Handbook of the PRC' (Zhongguo Renmin Gongheguo Xingjengqu Huajiance) becomes available. A major up-date is made whenever a new edition of GB/T 2260 'Codes for the administrative divisions of the People's Republic of China' is published. The latest, GB/T 2260 - 2002, published on 2002-05-08 contains Administrative Guobiao Codes current to 2002-10-01 and is the basis for the current major up-date expected to be completed by mid-2004. The up-dated China Administrative Dataset will include at least approximate urban district (shixiaqu) boundaries for all 275 ADM2 'major municipalities' (dijishi). A single-user licence for the up-dated administrative dataset is US$2,500. Upgrades for those who have previousl obtained licences for ACASIAN administrative datasets will be US$500 on a single-user basis.

PR China 2000 Census Township Points Dataset
The 2000 PRC census data available from the China Data Center, University of Michigan, includes figures for nearly 45,000 township-level units (jiedao, zhen, xiang, and their variants). Points representing all of those places are now being geo-referenced by ACASIAN, which will allow the entire population of the PRC (apart from the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions) to be distributed and analysed at township level. Clients who first obtain the township census data from the CDC may obtain the township points from ACASIAN with those data joined. A single-user licence for the full set of 46,000 township level points is priced at US$10,000. When coded with postcodes, the licence price will be US$15,000. Contact for more information.

PR China High-Resolution Administrative Dataset for CDC 2000 Census Data
The China Data Center at the University of Michigan distributes a CD-ROM containing a large number of PR China 2000 census variables at the 'county-level'. The CD contains quite low-resolution spatial data in an obscure projection to allow the census variables to be displayed in ArcView. The ACASIAN high-resolution spatial data for the PRC administrative system has now been coded to match the administrative codes employ ed on the CD_ROM so that the census data can be incorporated into the high-resolution spatial data. By agreement with the China Data Center, ACASIAN can supply their census data joined to this dataset if supplied with proof of purchase of the CDC CD-ROM. The single-user licence price of this dataset is the same as for other contemporary ACASIAN PRC administrative datasets, US$2,500.

China Administrative Dataset Available for 2000 Census Date
ACASIAN China administrative datasets have been created for China's 2000 census date of 1 November, 2000. They are coded with the 'Guobiao-like' codes used for the census data as published in 'Xianji Ji Yishang Guhao Mingcheng Daima Yu Ge Minzu Mingcheng Daima (Jingong Diwu Cichengguo Renkou Pucha Shiyung)'. Shixiaqu (urban district) boundaries (some approximate) are being finalised for all 'major municipalities' (municipalities at the ADM2 level). A single-user licence is US$2,500.

Land Use Map of China Spatial Data Bases
Although available since 1994 and 1995 for research and government use in China and Australia, as a result of the VARIATION OF AGREEMENT signed in Beijing in early February, 1999, the following data sets are now availalbe for academic research and government and commercial use anywhere in the world:

Land-use Polygons covering all of China
Approximately 165,000 in ten major categories with a total of 55 sub-categories. Coastlines and international boundaries not DCW compatible. Partial coverages are available. All data, US$10,000; portions proportional plus 10%.

Dense hydrography for all China
With vectors aligned to stream flow where possible, coded by sub-basins and feature type. Not DCW compatible, but far, far more detailed. Partial coverages are available. All data, US$10,000; portions proportional plus 10%.

Cities and towns, roads and railroads, and county-level administrative divisions (ADM3, circa 1980)
Partial coverages are available. All data, US$5,000; portions proportional plus 10%.


Badan Pusat Statistik Administrative Spatial Data for all of Indonesia
Griffith University has sucessfully concluded a formal agreement with BPS to redistribute its spatial and statistical data for Indonesia. Considerable work has been required to clean and rectify the spatial data obtained from BPS, and to regionalise them at the four administrative levels: ADM1 (Propinsi), ADM2 (Kabupaten/Kodya), ADM3 (Kecamatan), and ADM4 (Desa) levels - there are over 70,000 polygons altogether. Population data for those levels from the 2000 census should be available through ACASIAN in the near future.

Emerging Developments:

Indonesia Census Data
Negotiations are underway to obtain for redistribution official Indonesian Badan Pusat Statistik 2000 census data for ethnicity and religious affiliation to match the administrative spatial data regionalised at ADM1, 2, 3, and 4 levels.

India Data
A cooperative agreement with a commercial producer of spatial data for India is being negotiated, and ACASIAN should soon be able to supply high quality administrative boundaries, cities, towns, and villages, and transport system data for all of the Indian states for commerical use.

Following the successful agreement with BPS in Indonesia, it is possible that a similar agreement will be reached with the Cambodian Government to distribute their administrative and settlement data.

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