The Licence Deed and Schedules are accessible by clicking above. They are in Acrobat .pdf document format, and may be downloaded and printed out, but not modified. You can download Acrobat Reader free by going to the URL at the bottom of this page.

Click above with your normal left mouse button to view documents in this frame if you have Acrobat Reader installed. You can then print a document by going to the 'File' button at the upper left on your browser menu bar, and then going down to 'Print'. To download a document, click and hold with with your right mouse button and then move the cursor down to select 'Save Link As ...'. Acrobat Reader can then print the document when it is opened in the program on your machine.

Once you have printed and signed the agreement and filled in the necessary parts of one of the Schedule A forms, fax the signature page and the schedule pages back to ACASIAN at +61-7-3735-5111, which means that after you have dialed your international access number, you dial 61 (Australia's Country Code), then 7 (Brisbane's Area Code), and then the ACASIAN Fax number: 3735 - 5111.

The data you requested will then be made available to you in the format and on the media you indicated once payment to the University has been processed.

All data sets are available in ArcGIS, ARC/INFO, ArcView, and MapInfo formats, apart from the DCW tiles (MapInfo, only).

Unless required in a special projection, at added cost, data sets will be supplied in geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude, WGS84).

Data sets can be supplied on CD-ROMs, iomega 100MB Zip Disks, 8mm tapes, Colorado mini data cartridges, floppy disks, or via ftp. Media and courier charges apply, as incurred.

Data sets are licensed for a single end user, only, unless special arrangements are made for a site licence. Site licenses for 2-5 simultaneous users are twice the single user price; for 6-15 users, 3 x single user; 15-50, 4 x; and 5 x for unlimited users.

Data sets are never sold, only licensed for use, and copyright is retained by Griffith University or other members of the SIIASA Consortium.

Data may be encrypted, requiring a key for access.

Contact the Director of ACASIAN by e-mail if you encounter any problems or if you need to modify these proceedures in any way.

ACASIAN is always eager to explore opportunities for collaborative research with institutions and individual scholars who are interested in using our spatial data products for mutually beneficial projects. Contact the director to initiate discussions.

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