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Commercial distribution through The Data Mall, (Ersis Australia Pty. Ltd., 33 Donkin Street, West End, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Academic discounts are avaliable from ACASIAN directly.

Data can also be supplied by ACASIAN in ARC/INFO, ArcView, MapInfo, Genamap, MicroStation GeoGraphics, AutoDesk World, and Intergraph MGE formats.

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High Resolution Provincial Boundaries and Capitals of China (33 of each)
Product 1 completed April, 1995.

High Resolution Municipality and Prefectural Boundaries and Capitals of China (approx. 350 of each)
Product 2 completed April, 1995

High Resolution County and Municipal Boundaries of China (approx. 2,400)
Product 3 completed April, 1995

Official Cities and other Prefectural and County Capitals of China (approx. 2,400)
Product 4 completed April, 1995

High Resolution Two-Digit Postal Code Zone Boundaries of the PRC (approx. 70)
Product 5 completed August, 1995

Six-Digit Postal Codes for Official Cities and Towns of the PRC (approx. 12,400)
Product 6 completed March, 1996

China Tiles from the DCW in MapInfo Format (approx. 65 sets of dozens of files, each)
Product 7 Completed December 1995

ACASIAN is always eager to explore opportunities for collaborative research with institutions and individual scholars who are interested in using our spatial data products for mutually beneficial projects.

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