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The Australian Consortium for the Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network (ACASIAN)

Originally (1992-2001) The Australian Centre of the Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network

Formerly (2002-2003) Spatial Data Projects, Griffith Asia Pacific Research Institute (GAPRI)

Associate Professor Lawrence Crissman (Retired), Originator, ACASIAN

Associate in the Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University
Nathan (Brisbane), Q 4111, Australia

New E-mail: lcrissman@optusnet.com.au
Note:  the l.crissman@griffith.edu.au email address still displayed on some other pages is now obsolete and inactive.
Phone: +61-7-3394-2964 8 am to 8 pm Australian Eastern Time only, please
Fax: +61-7-3875-5111

The Australian Consortium for the Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network (ACASIAN) is an academic and applied research activity specializing in Geographical Information System (GIS) databases for Asia (China in particular) and the former Soviet Union. In its original manifestation, ACASIAN fulfilled Griffith University's leading role in the SIIASA and SIIRCEASA consortia, and Griffith University continues to licence its spatial datasets, and those Crissman has subsequently produced, for academic, research, and commercial purposes, doing so as licensed by Griffith University through Crissman's private company operting as the Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network, AB19477223.

ACASIAN is always eager to explore opportunities for collaborative research with institutions and individual scholars who are interested in using Griffith's spatial datasets for mutually beneficial projects. Contact lcrissman@optusnet.com.au to initiate discussions.


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Former Soviet Union  ( fSU ) and the Newly Independent States ( NIS ), including: the Commonwealth of Independent States ( CIS ), the Baltic States, the Caucasus, the Central Asian Republics ( Central Asia ), and the Transcaucasus Region: Russian Federation ( Russia ), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belorus, Ukraine, Moldavia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan ( Kirgizstan ) , Tajikistan ( Tadjikistan ), Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

East Asia:
People's Republic of China ( PRC ), including the Hongkong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, Tibet Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region ( Chinese Turkestan ); The Taiwan Region, Mongolia, North Korea and South Korea.

South-East Asia: ( South East Asia , Southeast Asia , SE Asia ) including:
Indochina, Burma ( Myanmar ), Cambodia ( Kampuchea ), Indonesia (including Bali, Borneo ( Kalimantan ), Celebes ( Sulawesi ), Flores, Java ( Jawa ), Madura, Moluccas ( Maluku ), Sumatra ( Sumatera ), Sumba, Timor, East Timor, and West Irian ( Irian Jaya ), Laos, Malaysia (including Sarawak and Sabah ), Myanmar ( Burma ), The Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

South Asia:
Afghanistan *, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka .

Near East:

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Tsunami miniatures Investigation of the potential effects of a tsunami on the Pearl River Delta.

Thumbnail DEM Image Digital Elevation Model (DEM) images of China.

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ACASIAN is always interested in cross-linking with mutually relevant sites. PLease contact lcrissman@optusnet.com.au to initiate discussions.

Affiliated and Collaborative Academic Sites

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI), University of California, Berkeley

International Geographical Union Land Use/Cover Change Study Group (IGU-LUCC)

The China Historical Geographical Information System Project (CHGIS), Harvard Yenching Institute

TimeMap Project, Archaeology Computing Lab, University of Sydney

Pacific Neighborhood Consortium, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Diamond Bay Research, aka Merrick Berman

Chinese Biographical Database, Louis and Clark State College, Moscow, ID

Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art, Ohio State University

The Cambodian Geocide Program Documentation Project, University of New South Wales

Buddhism Program, University of California, Berkeley

The International Dunhuang Project, British Library Board

American Religious Experience Project, West Virginia University

Other China-Related GIS Research Sites

China Historical GIS Project, Harvard Yenching Institute

China Data Center, University of Michigan

CIESIN/SEDAC China Dimensions, Colombia University Earth Institute

Prof. G. William Skinner, Department of Anthropology, UC Davis

The Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library, University of Virginia

Social Science China (SSC), Witten/Herdecke University, Germany

Asian Site Sources

Asia Pacific Research Online: WWW.CIOLEK.COM

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library, Australian National University

Search the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library

Internet Guide for Chinese Studies, Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University




Related Commercial Data Sites

ArcData Directory, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

The Data Mall, MapInfo Corporation

Geodyssey Partner Program, GIS at Autodesk

Some GIS Lists

A BRODY's Home Page, an internet index of over 1000 sites, updated monthly, including over 200 GIS related links.

Wisely's GIS Yellow Pages

Recommended Search Engines

The Google! Database -- uses ranked inter-linkages to avoid poor quality sites

MetaCrawler -- a recommended meta-search engine

AltaVista -- will access Dublin Core Metadata

AAA Matilda Australia -- Searches Australia and the World, three ways!

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